3 Types of Stretchy Fabric Usually Used for Sports Shirt

Stretchy fabric also has a price that is still relatively cheap with many advantages that you can get. Not only that, stretchy fabric also has various types of variants that you can choose from, including cotton, jersey knits, spandex, and many others.

Types of Stretchy Fabric

Many Types of Stretchy Fabric We Usually Use

As mentioned earlier, there are many kinds of fabrics that are used to make clothing for sports. Actually stretchy fabric is not only made into sportswear, but is also used to make gloves, socks, and many others.

  1. Cotton

Types of Stretchy Fabric

Cotton is one of the popular materials as raw material for making sportswear. Because, cotton is made of cotton fiber which is able to provide comfort when used even for daily activities.

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Cotton is comfortable to use because it has smooth and cool characteristics. So it is very suitable to be used to do strenuous physical activities or for your daily activities at home.

  1. Spandex

Types of Stretchy Fabric

Types of stretchy fabricNext is spandex which has another name lycra and is a very elastic material. Even the stretching ability can reach 5-6 times the original size. This makes spandex suitable for use in all types of sports including running and swimming.

  1. Polyester

Types of Stretchy Fabric

Then there is also a polyester material which has a technology called activedry. This technology gives the polyester material the ability to absorb sweat and make the body dry faster when you are exercising.

In addition, there are other types of fabrics, namely dri fit, microfiber, nylon, stretch chiffon, stretch denim, and many others. So besides being used as a material for making sportswear, types of stretchy fabric can also be used to make other clothes according to your wishes.

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