The Elegant Silk Screen Print Characteristics And Explanation

Beautiful silk can come from the color or the pattern it has. In this case, one of the most beautiful patterns of silk will come from the silk screen print that is used on the silk.

This method can give any kind of pattern with a special process by manufacturers. However, this method is not a new method that exists in the commercial industry for coloring fabric such as silk.

Even though the method is not new, it still exists and has become one of the most famous methods that have been used by many manufacturers and merchants

Silk Screen Print

Silk Screen Printing Definition

The silk screen print is one of the most famous methods to create beautiful patterns. The process of screen printing on silk is a kind of traditional process with a special touch by the manufacturers.

The commercial industry and artistic sector both use this method to color and give patterns on the fabric. Even though this method has been used for a long time ago and exists this time, the creative design may not be expired.

The process of screen printing is transferring the pattern made to silk slowly. The artist must be careful in doing the screen printing process because the result cannot be changed or beaten.

This method also uses special ink to give elegant patterns and color to the silk. Therefore, the final look of screen printing is unique and affordable.

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The Characteristics Of Silk Screen Printing

The Characteristics Of Silk Screen Printing

People can find the silk screen print easily in their surroundings. Not only the manufacturers use this method of printing, but also the home manufacturers. Here are the unique and special characteristics that are had by screen printing.

1. Unique Design

Screen printing is a traditional method that is handled manually by the artist. In other words, the silk screen print is handled by hand from the beginning until the last process.

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