Fabric That is Water Resistant | Layer and Types of Materials

If you want to make one or open an outdoor clothing line, choosing the fabric that is water resistant is a must. It is because not all materials out there are waterproof.

Besides that, a waterproof clothe must be still comfortable to protect your body from water. It could be under the rain or something like that.

Although a water resistant one, that should be not too hot. Choosing a special types of fabric like this is not easy, but in the other side, it is not difficult as well.

Besides the way of choosing the materials, you must udnerstand the right method to care it. The aim is to maintain it’s quality and make sure it still do the functions like when it still new.

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Fabric That is Water Resistant 1

The Layers which are Used

The good quality option is the one which can make you feel convenient enough. That will not limit your activity, especially for the outdoor schedules such as hiking, doing an exercise, etc.

Have you ever questioning about the layers used in a fabric that is water resistant? In fact, it uses more than one materials for it. Here are the layers you should know

  1. Outer Layer

Usually, the waterproof material is applied. The basic textile could be polyester or nylon. The function is to protect the fabric from water in a short term period.

  1. Coating or lamination membrane

This layer is made from ePTFE or teflon. It is also known as polyurethane (PU) where it works to hold the water splash. This membrane of lamination also has another function.

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It is able to hold the air circulation or steam which goes out from your body temperature. The high quality material must be applied to run this function properly.

  1. Layered Tissue

This last layer is not only consisted of one material only, but three. Two layers are separated and can protect the opened membrane in this textile.

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