Embroidery vs Screen Printing, Which Should You Choose?

The two commonly used methods for printing logos are embroidery and screen printing. If you want to print a logo, you should know the difference between embroidery vs screen printing.

Although the two methods have very different results, many people are confused about which method is the best for printing logos. If you want to know more about embroidery vs screen printing, here is the review:

What Is Embroidery?

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If you want to know embroidery vs screen printing, you need to know the definition of the two methods first. Embroidery is the art of making designs using both thread and needle.

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You can embroider by hand or by machine. However, embroidery is a fairly complex process so if you embroider by hand, it will take a long time.

So, if you want to print a logo using embroidery, the logo will be sewn directly onto the material. Moreover, embroidery makes logos stand out from the fabric and many people use it for smaller designs than screen printing.

What Is Screen Printing?

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You can add a logo using screen printing. The process is to transfer the ink through the mesh screen directly onto your garment. After you print, each garment will pass through a tunnel dryer which cures or sets the print.

That way, it’s easier for you to transfer large designs from other fabrics. Moreover, there are several-modern screen printing machines, but some of them can be used by hand printing. For better quality, you can choose professional screen printing instead of homemade screen printing.

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What Are The Differences Between Embroidery VS Screen Printing?

What Are The Differences Between Embroidery VS Screen Printing?

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