What is Neoprene Fabric | Types, Uses, and Characteristic

Many people are curious enough about what is neoprene fabric. This material is maybe not qui5e similar for some people. However, it has been used on several fashion items.

Those are like the clothes up to mask. This textile is also known as scuba and it has several advantages to know. It is not expensive, but the quality is still good.

These types of fabric has a right character to make it into a mask. That is why; various companies use scuba because it is really smooth and soft as well.

The thickness is around 1 up to 3 mm. However, it depends on the quality and final production result of a factory. People love this textile because it is elastic and also flexible.

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What is Neoprene material

The Types of Neoprene Material

Neoprene is known for it’s durability as well. It is especially for the water and cold when you wear it. That is why; it is also used for the sport wears and mask.

Talking about what is neoprene fabric, this material has various types you should know. Peoole usually choose them based on what is the aim to wear that. What are those types?

What is Neoprene material 2

The first one is called chloroprene rubber or CR. It is 200 percent neoprene and commonly used to make a diving clothe, surfing, and Watersport activities up to hand gloves.

The second type is styrene butadiene rubber or SBR. It is suitable for any sport wears up to any tools for medical industry. The examples are for laptop bag since it is water resistant too.

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The third one is called chloroprene rubber or cvs. It is made by using the combination of 30% CR and 70% SBR. Generally, this type is applied on the diving clothe, surfing, wader coat, and so on.

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