What Is Plastisol and Why You Should Know about This

Of course, when buying clothes at online stores, you have seen product descriptions that use plastisol screen printing, what is plastisol? Did you know about this? If not, you can listen to the discussion that we have summarized below.

However, clothes that are just plain without any motifs or designs will certainly be boring and unpleasant to look at. Therefore there are many types of designs that are used to beautify clothes.

One of them is screen printing, screen printing itself has various types of techniques. Among them are rubber screen printing, plastisol screen printing, glow in the dark screen printing, flocking screen printing, and also dtg screen printing.

Of the various screen printing techniques, the most famous is plastisol. Although it is quite famous, few people know exactly what is plastisol. For that, here we provide a discussion about this so that you understand the most famous type of screen printing on this one.

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What Is Plastisol

What Is Plastisol?

Plastisol is one type of screen printing that is often recommended for use in printing t-shirt designs with t-shirt materials that have many varieties. Ranging from cotton, wool, polyester, and many others.

This type of screen printing is liked by many people because it has many advantages. Plastisol printing on clothes will be more durable and last a long time, the results of the screen printing have soft colors and are not too flashy.

The surface of the clothes remains soft, and many others which we will discuss in the discussion of what is plastisol.

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