What Is Plastisol and Why You Should Know about This

As the name implies, plastisol screen printing is made using plastisol ink. This ink has unique characteristics and is certainly different from other types of screen printing inks that you can easily find on the market.

If the design is tight and small, it is recommended to use this ink, why is that? Because this ink has excellent ink quality, is strong and does not dry out easily. This ink is known in the market as ink made from oil.

If this ink has an error when screen printing, then it is easy to fix it. However, whether or not a screen printing is durable on clothes also still depends on how it is treated. Therefore, you will also know how to treat clothes with plastisol screen printing properly and correctly in the discussion of what is plastisol.

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What Is Plastisol

Advantages of Plastisol Screen Printing Compared to Others

The selection of the type of plastisol screen printing on clothing is certainly not done arbitrarily. Because there are so many advantages that you can feel if you choose plastisol as a screen printing material for your clothes.

Curious what the advantages are? Here we provide the advantages of plastisol material compared to other materials that we have provided in this discussion of what is plastisol.

  1. Durable and long lasting

The first advantage of plastisol screen printing is that it is more durable and more durable when compared to other screen printing materials. So it’s not surprising that many people prefer to use plastisol screen printing compared to other types.

  1. Has a brighter and clearer color

Different from other screen printing, plastisol has a much brighter color character so that when printed on clothes it will produce clear writing and images. That is also the next advantage of plastisol screen printing in the discussion what is plastisol this.

  1. More color variations

There are many color choices, there are even transparent colors, bright colors, pastels and dark colors. Just choose your favorite color or colors that are suitable to be applied to the color of the clothes you have. To be able to be more creative, choose white or black clothes that are good to be applied with colorful plastisol.

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