What is Sublimation Printing and How Exactly Does It Works?

Supplies or equipment we mean by all kinds of essential materials to be able to start what is sublimation printing. Without one of them, the results will not match. So, make sure all the equipment that we mention below are available before starting printing:

What is Sublimation Printing 20

  1. Sublimation Printer
  2. Heat Press
  3. Dye Refills
  4. Special Transfer Paper
  5. Protective Paper
  6. Cutting Tool
  7. Sublimation Blanks
  8. The Design Sublimation Software

What are Some Common Problems that Make Sublimation Printing not Give the Best Result

However, we cannot deny that one of the cons of sublimation printing is related to its vulnerability to certain factors. You could say that using this printing method is prone to some problems, and we will also explain the solution of what is sublimation printing below:

  1. Wrong Equipment

A common problem is the faulty equipment. It would help if you had all the things we mentioned above, and make no mistake when choosing them. If there is an error, no matter how small, it can be why the result of the printing is unsuitable.

  1. Wrong Blank

Another common problem to know what is sublimation printing is the wrong blank. Sublimation printer m will allow the chemical reaction to be made from fabric or another material. But at the moment of coating, the material has a blank error.

  1. Wrong Printer Settings

Do not ignore the settings on the printer too. As much as possible, you follow the default settings of the printer to ensure it can come with the best quality. You should first set the fast printing modes off and change the paper type according to the printing material.

  1. Image not Clear or Bright Enough

Another common issue that will arise when you want to know what is sublimation printing is the image is not bright. Sublimation printing must have high temperatures and colorful images, so follow all those instructions.

  1. Ghosting

Ghosting is a term for the sublimation printing process, especially when there are 2 prints as if there is another shadow. Ghosting is sort of double print onto the surface. The reasons can also vary, including the damaged heat-resistance tape.

  1. Extra Ink

You can also realize if there is damage and problems in the printing result after seeing the extra ink. What is sublimation printing essentially has an apparent resolution, so even a little extra can be spotted.

  1. Small Dots

This one often occurs in the pressing process, and a few dots appear: moisture. Moisture is the enemy of sublimation, because it can damage all other things. Small dots may occur due to not following the correct time and temperature.

  1. Blurry Print

If the print is a little blurry, maybe it’s a sign that the print isn’t good enough. Keep in mind the quality of the image is always a priority. After that, you can determine how much time or temperature to print onto materials.

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