What is Sublimation Printing and How Exactly Does It Works?

However, the cons of sublimation printing comes from the choice of material, which is not always suitable for all types of materials. What is sublimation printing requires the best amount of ink, so some are easily damaged in the process and not resistant enough.

Sublimation printing is unavailable for natural fibers, such as cotton and silk. If you look at all the working processes of sublimation printing, if the ink cannot absorb well, then it will only make the percentage of use small, because it is not as expected.

Steps by Step for Produce Something from Sublimation Printing

Steps by Step for Produce Something from Sublimation Printing

For those who plan to produce something using the sublimating print, then one of the advantages that will be felt is that it will last longer and will not crack. A gorgeous printing in the fabric also needs to go through many phases to produce the best.

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After countless orders, a printing company will get endless benefits. Positive aspects are getting bigger, and there are more variations and applications. For those who have plans to learn more about what is sublimation printing, here are the steps:

  1. Start by create a couple of designs
  2. Drafting the design for sublimation prints
  3. Start the Printing process with the final design
  4. Apple the Printing result to the fabric using the particular heat press machine
  5. Heat the materials with other commercial heat transfer machine
  6. Wait for the Dye to Syblimate
  7. Let the Material Cool Down

What is Sublimation Printing What is Sublimation Printing What is Sublimation PrintingWhat is Sublimation Printing What is Sublimation Printing

Supplies and Equipment Required for Sublimation Printing

Some of the products that are included in the industry cannot be made carelessly. There are unique materials that ultimately make the results that appear as expected. So when you know what sublimation printing is, you also need to know the supplies.

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