What Is Spooling in Printing and the Reason You Should Know

Of course, this can be very detrimental to you, in addition to losing time because you have to reprint with a different design. You also lose money because you have to reprint a different design. Therefore spooling is a problem that can be detrimental to a company.

If you print paper or documents and suddenly spooling occurs, of course it will not have much effect, because the price of paper is still relatively cheap. But it’s a different story if the product you print is the design of a garment.

When spooling occurs, there will be clothing products that will be wasted because they are not in accordance with the design of consumer demand. To minimize the occurrence of spooling, you must know the cause, which we will discuss in the discussion of what is spooling in printing below.

Causes of Spooling In Printing

No problem occurs without a cause. Likewise in the case of spooling that occurs when printing a product. Here are some things that cause spooling in the discussion about spooling in printing.

  1. The printer works continuously

Even though it is a machine, it still needs rest. If not, of course, an error will occur which of course can make you lose both time and material. Therefore you should not use the printer continuously in a short period of time.

  1. There was a power outage

The cause of spooling in the next discussion of what is spooling in printing is the occurrence of a power outage. Maybe this one cause is one of the most unexpected, because we can’t know when it will happen.

  1. Problem with connecting cable

It can also bethe cause of the printer jamwhen printing. Sometimes when we want to print a document but the printer does not want to print, usually a low-quality cable will be very susceptible to problems like this.

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