What is Offset Printing: Everything You Need to Know

What is offset printing and the common problem is ghosting, which is a shadow that appears on the printing result. In addition, there are also problems in the form of the grainy look, passport registration, and other minor issues that make it unattractive.

  1. The History

We would also be interested in discussing a little bit about the history of offset printing. As we mentioned before, this type of method was popular in the late 1800s. It was used on very large machines the first time and required oil to process.

  1. Applications of Offset Printing

The use of this type of printing has many alternatives. But the types of applications when we are talking about what is offset printing are the offset printers with additional lasers, mesh, and letterpress, so some use unique rubber mats.

  1. Pre-Press Process

What about the process before starting to run these techniques? From all the data we have collected, there is actually no unique process in this phase. All you need to do is ensure all the images have the best resolution and printer control.

  1. Finishing Process

After its use, it will be continued with the finishing process. There is a unique treatment needed, namely cutting and trimming the paper. If the color is still missing, it can be continued with die-cutting. The machinery finish is also essential.

  1. The Cost

No less important is the discussion about how much do you need to pay to carry out this process? In terms of cost, it will all depend on how it is used. But we guarantee this is one of the most low-cost methods.

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