What is Minky Fabric? (Texture, Pile Length, and Quality)

Even better if the sewing machine has a stretch stitch option. It could prevent the thread to break when the garment is worn. Alternatively, choosing a narrow zigzag also works as well.

5. Ironing

Usually, there’s no need to iron mink fabric. But if you think it is necessary, then use a pressing cloth above it. Set the heat to low or minimum because too much heat will melt the fabric.

What is Minky Fabric
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Is Minky Fabric Baby-Friendly?

There is concern about is it minky fabric is baby-friendly? Because during the manufacturing process, as for all fabric, there are chemicals involved. But this can be solved by washing it cleanly before use.

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The soft texture and the warm yet lightweight feel are very nice for babies. Even though it’s fur-like, mink fabric will not cause allergic reactions in babies. This fabric is also easy to clean, stain-resistant, and dry quickly. So, it is safe for babies.

In discussing what is minky fabric we learned that this kind of fabric can be called a comfortable fabric. It feels soft, warm yet lightweight, and easily use in many products. Maintenance is also simple and easy. A good choice of fabric for babies and adults alike.


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