What is Minky Fabric? (Texture, Pile Length, and Quality)

One of the good things about minky fabric is that it’s easy to wash. Machine wash with cold water is enough. It can be dried on low heat, but it is recommended to flat dry. This fabric will stay soft even after many washes.

2. Cutting the fabric

Before cutting the fabric according to the pattern you’ve chosen, check the direction of the stretch first. Follow any guidelines of the pattern instruction and put your pattern accordingly.

Always use sharp shears to cut through the fabric layer because it may be quite bulky. That way, the shears will not snag and stretch the fabric. Take care of the shed fibers when cut, especially with long fibers. It could be messy.

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3. Pinning, Needle, and Thread

When placing the paper pattern on the fabric for cutting, use long pins. Since this fabric can be bulky, long pins will not easily be lost in it. Choose the big or colorful head to make it easier to see. Pin it closely since this fabric is stretchy.

The needle that is usually used is a stretch needle. Or you can also choose a fine to a medium universal needle. The best choice of thread to sew mink fabric is a polyester thread. It works well with the stretch fabric.

4. Sewing

Be careful when sewing stretching material such as this mink fabric. It can stretch out of shape. You can prevent this by using a walking foot to the sewing machine or placing strips of stabilizer under the seam.

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If sewing this fabric with other fabrics, such as cotton, put minky fabric in the bottom so the feed dogs can help pull it through.

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