What is Jacquard Fabric | Uses, Characteristics, and Care

In the other side, the thick result is more for the cold season. It is perfect to be a material for coat, knit hat, sweater, or something like that to keep you warm.

Most of them are woven, but some are knitted. The knitted ones may use the single or double method which is made by using certain threads. Both of them are different too.

You may see a saggy yarn at the back of the single processed jacquard. However, that thing will be not seen in the product which is processed with double knitted.

What is Jacquard Fabric

How to Treat this Textile Properly

Based on what is jacquard fabric explanation above, you have to know that the right treatments are needed. The aim is for sure to maintain the quality.

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The care label must be your attention. Some materials are maybe fine during the washing process. However, some others need another option such as dry cleaning.

That is why; you have to be extra care and find more information about that. Whatever it is, below are the useful tips you may follow:

  1. If it is too smooth or vice versa (has too many ornaments such as metallic thread, bead work, etc), dry cleaning is the best method to take.
  2. The strong and thick ones could be hand-wash or by using a washing machine as usually. The right temperature is 30 degree Celsius.
  3. Don’t use any bleaching
  4. Do not squeeze, leave to dry on hangers or held on the table. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight
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If It is allowed to be ironed, make sure to flip and iron the back part. That is based on what is jacquard fabric explanation and how to care for it properly.

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