What is Jacquard Fabric | Uses, Characteristics, and Care

What is jacquard fabric and it’s characteristics? It is actually one of the textile which is used in the industry. It comes with uniqueness and looks really pretty as well.

In fact, it is a Patterned woven which is like the printing one. The existing motifs or patterns are the formation of variations of woven lusi yarns and complex wefts.

The loom is called jacquard machine because it was first invented by the Frenchman Joseph Marie Jacquard in 1801. That is why; it is a types of fabric from the old time.

Basically, this textile is all about the unique pattern because of it’s application. Before using this product, make sure to understand about the detail that it has.

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What is Jacquard Fabric

The Patterns You May see

Many times if you look at the back of the fabric there are loose threads floating; This is the thread used to produce the pattern. That parts also a part which is directly related with the machine.

It comes in various Designs such as contrast and tone on tone. The pattern options are not limited such as the classic lines, polka-dot, leaves, beautiful plants, flowers, etc.

Based on what is jacquard fabric definition, you must understand that the pattern is made together with the textile. It is different than another product which uses the mold.

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The Jacquard machine is unique and beautiful. It has an ability to use hundred of threads to create a unique design. That is why, it is quite popular for this textile industry.

What is Jacquard Fabric

What is Jacquard Fabric and It’s Result

This items comes in various composition and weight which can be chosen based on your needs. The thin and light ones are good to make the summer or spring clothes.

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