The Guide to Understand What is Halftone Screen Printing

With continuous image, your eyes will perceive the look and panorama. This effect can also appear when we see it with the naked eye and no matter the size and frequency. Our brain to recreate the impact like cinema and this is of course, an optical illusion.

How to Make a Halftone Screen Printing?

What is Halftone Screen Printing

You can produce what is halftone screen printing because it just depends on black and white. We’ll start by explaining what is needed and how this halftone screen printing is created. And of course, which one black fades to white or vice versa.

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Something like this means that you have made the right choice. What is halftone screen printing we explained it earlier as something single towards the area. So with various types of printing, here’s how to make the printing:

  1. Exposing the Screens

The process always starts with exposing the screen first and laying down a year, and make sure the screen is in a properly exposed condition. With a high mesh count screen, you will need a screen with thick and thin threads to expose it.

  1. Printing Halftone Images

What is halftone screen printing is also followed by dots of ink accurately. Image or on the stencil is the one that creates the substrate cleanly of your image, for the accurate halftone and light source. So, this printing process can be maximized.

  1. Honing with the Printing Skills
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And the process is continued by honing the printing skills. Together to create the press and down your ink so that printing skills can be maximized. More options with the printing shop and provide payoff so that the printing shop can come with other packs in there.

What is Halftone Screen Printing and the Types

What is Halftone Screen Printing

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