What is DTG Printing (Direct to Garment), Here’s the Explanation

DTG printing is actually a more cost-effective business model. Those of you who use this kind of printing method then have an advantage because they don’t have to be in large quantities; use the minimum order quantity, plus the prices are all reasonable.

This printing method is also considered more environmentally friendly, although it is not too overproduction. Although the price is relatively low, the result is high-quality. In other kinds of detail, what is DTG printing is also known as the vast range of color options with detail.

On the contrary, if DTG printing is used for large volumes, it will cost more. Because the printer is also limited to a square, it becomes an option with a limited placement. It can only be in the middle of that garment or fabric.

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What Is DTG Printing

What Are the Equipment You Need for DTG Printing?

DTG printing has become the most popular printing method among other branded clothing companies. This work for your business, including for business purposes. Therefore, this business can develop, especially to meet the printing demands of DTG.

The DTG printing process is also cost-effective because, generally, the equipment required is not too much. What is DTG printing is always related to 3 leading equipment. And what we mean by the three most important equipment for the DTG printing process are:

  1. Direct to Garment Printer

All DTG printing processes will not run if you do not have a particular printer. DTG printers are usually quite large and have a heat wave option as well as a design display. So, for DTG printing, you must first start with the printer.

  1. Curing Device

Curing Device requires to manage the ink and the space available on your print. What is DTG printing deals with the combination of heat press and tuner dryer. Combining the Curing Device will also make all processes run more smoothly.

  1. A Pretreatment Applicator

To run this printing process, what should not be ignored is the pretreatment applicator. This is optional, but you need it. The effect is also for garment purposes, namely to make it easier to become a printing surface.

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