What is Dri Fit Material | Basic Fabric for Making Sports Clothes

A distinctive design like this is very possible to make considering that this fabric is indeed multipurpose into various kinds of t-shirt fabrics and can be modified as needed. Therefore, it is important for you to know what is dri fit material as a provision in choosing sports clothes.

Dri fit fabric was chosen to be one of the materials for making sports clothing. Because of its several advantages, including:

  1. Has very flexible characteristics
  2. Easy to dry
  3. The material is thick
  4. It has large enough pores so that it can provide good air circulation when used.

Therefore, many people know what is dri fit material for them to make as the basic fabric for making sports clothes that are comfortable to wear even though the body has sweated a lot.

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How to Take Care of Clothes Made from Dri Fit

However, so that the sports clothes you have can last a long time and are durable, then you also have to know how to properly care for this clothing. Here’s how to care for these clothes properly and correctly.

  1. Try after being used for activities to be washed immediately using a liquid detergent and then dried.
  2. In order for the color to last longer, it is not recommended to use bleach.
  3. These fabrics are also not suitable for washing in a washing machine because they have large pores. So wash by hand slowly so as not to damage the fabric fibers.
  4. Then, the next tip is not to dry it directly in the sun.
  5. Next is ironing clothes with these materials using only medium temperature.
  6. After that, you can store dry fit clothes by hanging or folding them and then storing them in the wardrobe.
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One of the drawbacks of it is that it smells quickly when used for activities that produce a lot of sweat. However, these drawbacks are not comparable to the advantages that these clothes provide and make people want to know what is dri fit material.

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