What is Discharge Printing, Advantages and Disadvantages Should Know

What is discharge printing? Discharge screen printing or often referred to as color stripping screen printing is a manual screen printing technique where the ink changes the color of the t-shirt material with the color of the ink.

For example, a black t-shirt is screened with white discharge ink. So after being screened, the printed t-shirt material will turn white. Discharge screen printing ink is the result of a mixture of super white ink with a special supporting powder or binder.

The powder or binder is formulated to deactivate the dye used in natural fabrics. The results of the screen printing with this discharge technique are very soft and look like the color of natural t-shirts.

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But what is discharge printing and the material used? The discharge screen does not work on all t-shirt materials. Discharge screen printing will only be maximized if it is applied to reactive pure cotton t-shirts.

discharge printing

This discharge screen printing ink is also not compatible with synthetic fabrics that contain a lot of polyester. Discharge screen printing ink is most suitable for use on colored t-shirts, especially black and navy blue.

Besides being able to only function on reactive discharge screens. There are at least three colors of T-shirts that are difficult to remove with discharge screen printing.

Among them are green, purple and blue. In addition to these colors, as long as they are classified as dark t-shirt. They are still safe and can be screened using the discharge technique.

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Types of Discharge Shirt Screen Printing Ink

what is Discharge Printing

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