What is Bonded Fabric and It’s Benefits! You Should Know

Do you know what is bonded fabric? It is essential to understand about it if you want to make clothes or something like that. Actually, this material consists of fiber and then combined with an adhesive.

The aim is to create a sheet. The most important part of this material is the heat resistant one. It is because adhesive is hard to transfer heat or even not transfer it at all.

Talking about the definition of what is bonded fabric is not enough. You should understand about the examples too. Basically, it always refers to a textile which joins 2 or maybe more layers.

They Come into one and it also used the adhesive or resins too. It is not only applied on clothes, but also other industries. The further information will be stated below.

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What is Bonded Fabric

The Examples of Bonded Fabric

The easy concept is when a textile is mixed with some other materials. Those are like plastics, rubbers, or even metal. That is why; it can be found in several industrial such as automotive components, packaging, etc.

There are several examples of this types of fabric such as pre pregs, tapes, textiles, and sheets. The making process of those goods are different based on the needs. Those processes are like direct bonding And indirect bonding, here is the definition of those processes:

  1. Direct bonding. It is when 2 sheets are applied face to face. Then they are heated by using infrared radiation or hot air. This process will make the polymeric resin flow between these materials.
  2. Indirect bonding. Usually a sheet is applied on top of the otter. However, there is not any contacts with the resin. The fabrics may come in several forms such as resin, powder, or paste.
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What is Bonded Fabric

What Is Bonded Fabric and What Can You Make from That?

The process used here is actually lamination. They applies pressure and heat to make a thjcmrr result. At the end, this can be made into several products.

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