What Is a Synthetic Fabric | Process, Types and Its Uses

Usually makes into active wear such as backpacks, mountain climbing apparel, and the like.

8. Polyvinyl Chloride or PVC

What Is a Synthetic Fabric

Made of polyester fibers with backing woven and a shiny plastic as a surface coating. This makes the fabric waterproof and has a rubbery texture.

This fabric types does not breathe and should not be stretched. Usually made into raincoats and protective clothing. But it also has uses for the usual apparel as well.

9. Rayon a.k.a. Viscose

What Is a Synthetic Fabric

This fabric is made from regenerated cellulose and has a similarity to silk. Such as lustrous appearance and highly absorbent. It also drapes well and experienced no pilling problem.

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It has used for many kinds of clothing. This fabric is dry clean only. So, if it is washed with water, it can shrink and the color can bleed. The fabric also becomes stiff and harsh.

10. Spandex a.k.a. Lycra or Elastane

What Is a Synthetic Fabric

This fabric is a polyester-polyurethane co-polymer that makes this fabric lightweight yet strong and very elastic. It is also non-absorbent to water and oils. It can be blended with natural fibers, and even with nylon.

This fabric uses is for clothing that is intended to cling to the body and needs elasticity. Such as tights, sportswear, and corsetry.

Caring for Synthetic Fabrics

What is synthetic fabric care instruction? Depending on the type of fibers used to make that fabric, there are either need dry cleaning or are simply machine-washable. Do pay attention to the cleaning method advised in the garment label.

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Many synthetic fibers are easy to discolor or degraded with age. So, keep them away from direct sunlight.

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