Water Based Ink for Screen Printing and All You Need to Know

For example, rubber screen printing which has a characteristic that is quite strong adhesion among other types. Then, there is also plastisol screen printing which is known for having a fairly good quality and the most preferred by consumers so that it has a high selling value.

Furthermore, there is a glow in the dark screen printing with quite unique characteristics, which is that it can glow in a dark place. Meanwhile, flocking screen printing has the characteristic of having feathers on the workmanship due to the addition of special dye powder to the ink.

Advantages of Clothing With Water Based Ink for Screen Printing

Screen printing is liked by many people not for no reason. Because, there are so many advantages that you can get from clothes that are screen printed using water based ink for screen printing.

  1. More consistent results

The first advantage is that you can get more precise and consistent results. Because, the screen printing process uses a tool, namely a mold. That way the results will still work even though you have made hundreds of shirts.

  1. The process is fast and easy

By using the screen printing technique you can also speed up the process of working on the products you sell. Moreover, if the screen printing process is integrated using a machine, the process will be even faster.

  1. Cheaper price

The next advantage of water based ink for screen printing is the lower price. In addition to the fast processing and consistent results, you can get a fairly cheap price by doing this screen printing.

  1. Has various variations

Then, screen printing is also widely liked because it has a variety of manufacturing techniques that make it much liked by people. This is because each screen printing technique produces different products from one another.

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Tips for Taking Good Care of Screen Printing Clothes

You can easily find clothes with screen printing anywhere. Ranging from small clothing stores to large clothing stores in famous malls. However, do you know how to treat clothes with water based ink for screen printing?

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