8 Types of Printing on T Shirts You Can Try to Use

If others only blend directly with the fabric, now there is a more excellent result method that relies on variations of transfer design with paper. This is what we call plastisol transfer, where you just need a heat press to place the design on the fabric.

  1. Discharge Printing

types of printing on t shirts

Discharge printing is a method and types of printing on t shirts when creating some unusual designs. This is the one that makes us pretty sure we’ll find brand and styling. Fans of this kind of design method have also been blown up because it’s easier

  1. Heat Press Printing

types of printing on t shirts

Among other ways, the most basic is actually heat press printing. This method allows the fabric to get different quality because it is heat resistant. And about the printing results, all of this is directly integrated with the fabric, so it is more durable.

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We cannot deny that our activities are not always in accordance with what is expected. In fact, there are many things that become the focal point first. One thing to note is the types of printing on t shirts, because you have to choose the right one.

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