8 Types of Printing on T Shirts You Can Try to Use

With popular styles and different costs between each method, understanding the types of printing on t shirts is getting more and more curious. Finding out if our clothes are printed in a unique way will also give satisfaction, with the following methods:

  1. Direct to Garment (DTG)

types of printing on t shirts

One of the most widely chosen methods for t-shirt printing purposes. This DTG has become one of the most popular because it only requires a textile printer and ink. So, the method is that the ink is directly poured onto the garment according to the design.

  1. Screen Printing

types of printing on t shirts

If you want a more scaled-up result, then screen printing might be the answer to your best types of printing on t shirts. Using a stencil in place and then hold down after you create the design will be the hallmark of screen printing.

  1. Laser Iron-On / Inkjet Transfer

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Another popular way you must try to actualize your design is with a heat press and an inkjet printer. This is referred to as the inkjet transfer process. All you need is a transfer paper that can be printed onto soft cotton t shirts for the unique.

  1. Dye Sublimation

types of printing on t shirts

Types of printing on t shirts are also not far from what is called dye sublimation. This method also makes your wardrobe look professional. Sublimation, overall, is a method to produce t-shirts that are more durable and expensive.

  1. Vinyl Cut Printing

Types of Printing on T Shirts 5

We also would like to suggest you try Vinyl cut printing. This kind of printing method is the one that transfers the soft cloth to the main garment. For vinyl cutting, there are special machines that give different layers and print in different colors.

  1. Plastisol Transfers

types of printing on t shirts

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