6 Types Of Leather Jackets For Men, Which One Will You Choose?

According to the appearance, the bomber jacket has a simple design with a cool and strong look which is suitable for men. Moreover, this jacket uses leather as the material that looks trendy, vintage, and strong with durable leather material.

2. Biker Jacket

Types Of Leather Jackets

As the name suggests, this jacket is popular among bikers or people who have motorbikes. However, including the types of leather jackets with useful purposes, the biker jacket can protect the biker from the wind and cold while driving.

Not only useful side, but the biker jacket also has a beautiful design which is categorized as the most iconic leather jacket. Besides, people can use the biker jacket, though, the ones who don’t even use a motorbike.

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3. Racer Jacket

Types Of Leather Jackets

Almost the same as the previous types, the biker jacket and the racer jacket usually have a modern style and look. However, the racer jacket is commonly used to create a cool performance for someone.

Besides, the racer jacket has a soft, modern fit with a straight path to the shoulders. Hence, not only men but women are also suitable to wear the racer jacket which creates a strong and modern look for women.

4. Flight Jacket

Types Of Leather Jackets

According to the name, this jacket was used as a pilot and army jacket in the United States in 1917. Based on the use of the flight jacket, this jacket will have special leather as the material that is sheepskin.

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Fit and straight to the body, the flight jacket is usually made with some additional accessories such as pockets, pull, and also stitching. The flight jacket is suitable to use in the winter for both women’s and men’s styles.

5. Moto Jacket

Types Of Leather Jackets

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