Things About Puff Ink for Screen Printing You Need to Know

Avoid using a tumble-dryer so it’s better to hang dry the garments if possible. Also, do not iron over the print if you don’t want it to turn out a mess.

Puff Ink for Screen Printing 3

The Benefit of Puff Ink for Screen Printing

The process of puff ink printing is slightly similar to standard ones which makes it popular to use. There are also some benefits of using puff ink for screen printing as follows:

  • Fast printing. Puff ink intends to be a fast technique that is ideal for printing in large volumes.
  • Multiple colors. The combination of additive and plastisol or water-based inks can produce designs in any color.
  • Your design can be printed in conjunction with the option of effects and inks.
  • High-durability. The results will not easily flake off and crumble.
  • Professional finish. You can get a great result at a less expensive cost that works best on most types of fabrics.
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That’s the information about puff ink for screen printing. This method is recommended if you want to print in large volumes with high-quality results. Also, puff ink is slightly similar to standard printing in the process.


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