Printing Press Invention to Become Leader in this Industry

The printing press has allowed news and updates and distributes them efficiently, even for the number of education and production worldwide, with different technical subjects. So what it was used for was to share updates with the public.

Eventually, the printing press investment led to a different literacy rate. Excellent access across the town and gradual transformation then show it to the more tremendous. And over the paper uses, this can be one object to push for the quality of the printing as a whole.

Printing Press Invention Facts You Might Missed Before

In addition, we will share some facts about the printing press that you might have missed before. In the transformation of the printing world, the paper can be related to reused against the paper. Printing projects can be a means of providing convenience.

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Baked them into blocks and the process continued with making mass printing. The printing press invention has become one of the tools that lead to the development of the era of printing. So from this industry a number of facts about this type of industry are:

  1. Life Before the Printing Press

Before the printing, could you imagine how the industry could produce its press results daily? Previously, for the printing press, they would use drawing or writing all by the hands.

They earned the nickname as illuminators, where they live to fill the pages or layouts of the book with different texts and drawings. So you can imagine for yourself what if newspapers were made and done only by hand.

  1. Printing Press is not Invented by Gutenberg

One of the most widely heard facts is that in nature, the printing press was born because of Gutenberg, Johannes Gutenberg’s early days in the Renaissance era. But in fact, the printing press invention were invented in China with wooden blocks.

  1. Printing Press Was Used for Different Purposes

Initially, when the printing press was invented by China, its purpose and function were different from what it is today. The mechanical use and movable type is used to be a mechanical device to purchase items and then print the requested ones.

  1. Printing Press Materials is Different than It was

Currently, the material used practically is metal. But for the initial process of printing press invention, the item was made using a tool in the form of wooden blocks. It is considered that the material is more effective for absorption and moisture of the printing ink.

  1. First Used to Press Olives and Grapes

This is the European version of Printing Press, which was used by Romans during the first century to apply pressure to a flat plane, then to transform olives into olive oil, and some use this to turn grapes into wine.

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The Social Impact that Brought by the Printing Press Invention

It’s common for us to see an invention, and it can lead to something that has a tremendous impact on other business sectors, including the printing press invention, which directly brings about significant changes in the world of literature.

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