Different Parts of Pants, in Basic and Denim, Check it Out!

This is usually placed on the front side. But in certain pants designed for women, they can also be placed on the side where they can be camouflaged along with the side stitch. There are four types of fly:

  • Zippers fly.
  • Button flies. Use buttons for the closure instead of a zipper.
  • A Mock fly is not a zipper but it is just a stitch to be made like there is a fly.
  • French fly, is the extra part of the zipper, usually a button to make the zipper look flat and smooth. Usually used in men’s pants.

6. Crotch Point/Cross

Parts of Pants

Is the bottom part of the upper parts of pants. Usually, the meeting point of the top and backside and also with the fly piece.

7. Leg Opening

Parts of Pants

Is the bottom part of the pants where your legs will come out. Usually connected with the bottom hem.

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8. Hems

Parts of Pants

In the basic pants, hems are only placed at the bottom part where the leg comes out. But in jeans, there is also a side hem. Usually, the stitch is made on the side of the pants.

Machine Required for Making Pants

There are a few different sewing machines needed to make complete pants. Especially in jeans. Sometimes it is simpler for women’s pants due to the fabric used and the design. But overall, here are the types of sewing machines used for making pants:

  • Plain sewing machine, which is good for simple design pants.
  • Lockstitch sewing machine, used for pockets and loops.
  • Overlock sewing machine for in-seam, and out-seam.
  • Button holding machine, used for making button-holes.
  • Button attaching machine, used for attaching buttons.
  • Bar tack machine, for the pocket corner, belt loops, and zipper fly.
  • Kansai machine to make the waist.
  • Blind Stitch sewing machine for the bottom hem.
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Accessories in Pants

Other parts of pants are accessories to complete the pants. These accessories are not always decorative items, but items that are needed for pants. Such as:

  • Pocketing is the extra fabric for making pockets.
  • Zippers can be made of nylon, brass, or even plastic.
  • Buttons are put on the waistband, or as a replacement for a zipper.
  • Hooks are sometimes used on the waistband instead of a button.
  • Label, for main label, size label, or care instruction label.
  • Sewing threads, usually with the same color as the fabric.
  • Trimmings, such as hang tags, tag pins, tissue papers, price tags, and poly bags.

These different parts of pants are needed to make the pants complete and comfortable to wear. The name can be different between basic and denim pants. But the parts are all there.

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