Types of Paper Size for Printing (American Inch-based System)

Based on the different uses, there are types of paper size for printing available in the market. Some find it challenging to identify the available paper types and how a piece of paper can provide other essential and necessary forms for your consideration.

The most basic is Bright White Paper, but if you want better quality, there is glossy paper, which also has a wider variety of paper sizes for printing. In contrast to glossy, printing papers also use a matte layer on top.

For the much better quality of printing, gloss paper can be added with a laminated layer, which makes it called gloss laminated paper. Other paper types are pulp paper, specially coated paper, card stock paper, resume paper, and UV gloss paper.

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According to the purpose of use, there are many benefits that can be felt with the presence of a paper. This will help you print or present appropriate content. But first, just determine the right paper size for printing to make it easier.

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