Types of Paper Size for Printing (American Inch-based System)

The same paper, but the delivery method is different. So for the way for this following approach, having the proper paper size knowledge will lead the printer to know the right one. Here are some papers that mention of the American inch-based system:

  1. Letters – 8.5” x 11”
  2. Legal – 8.5” x 14”
  3. Tabloids – 11” x 17”
  4. Digital Sizes – 12” x 18”, 13” x 19”, or 14” x 20”
  5. 5” x 22.5”
  6. 20” x 26”
  7. 25” x 38”
  8. 19” x 25”
  9. 23” x 35”
  10. 28” x 40”

More Paper Size for Printing that Commonly Used

Maybe those who use the inch system, it’s not what you usually see. Perhaps this one has often been seen and heard, namely mentions starting with the letter A. You see these words even more often when you are in a bookstore or print shop in person.

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Because generally, you must go to the print shop and ask for letter paper. Certainly, more often, the use of the mention of A4, A5, or A3. We will also explain the details of this paper because it still has something to do with the right paper size for printing at the print shop:

  1. A0 Size
  2. A1 Size
  3. A2 Size
  4. A3 Size
  5. A4 Size
  6. A5 Size
  7. A6 Size
  8. A7 Size
  9. Custom Size

Types of Printing Paper You Should Know Before Buying One

Based on the many variations of use, paper is also not just one type. Printing business players must know what type of paper they can choose in the market because these different usages can determine the best paper size for printing.

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Paper is always used in business because it is physical evidence for essential documents. Even though it has experienced developments, it cannot be denied that the presence of paper is still very much needed, especially for use in the office industry.

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