Basic Manipulation Fabric Techniques Guide You Can Use Now

Tucks are a way of folding in the fabric, where sewn from end to end is the hallmark. The purpose of these tucks is with the self thickness. Most common tucks are pin tucks, spaced tucks, blind tucks, and graduated tucks.

You can start by drawing straight parallel lines as a pattern and continue to transfer those lines onto the fabric. Pin the tucks in 3 places, namely at the top, middle, and bottom. And after you tuck these three parts, continue with a regular sewing stitch.

  1. Pleats

Manipulation Fabric Techniques

Pleats are measured folds at one end of the fabric to different volumes and movements. There are box pleats and inverted pleats, and follow the book and training as the purpose. Pleats pattern also starts with the process of gathering the fabric on another.

  1. Gathering

Manipulation Fabric Techniques

The gathering is one of the best manipulation fabric techniques, where we will gather the regular intervals in a piece of fabric. As the surface on the material has a unique texture, you need to start collecting the flowns and rent a long strips there.

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In a technique like this, it is recommended that you stitch settings in the sewing machine to gather the effect. Pulling the fabric into the base fabric is the result of this creativity. Add a little touch so you can enjoy hand sewing as well.

  1. Yo-Yos Fabric

Fabric yo-yo is one way of stitching where shaped pieces form a ball with a knot in the middle. You will love these if you enjoy hand sewing so that this stitching result will look like a yo-yo with the displayed fabric.

  1. Ruffles

Manipulation Fabric Techniques

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