Foil Printing on T-Shirt and the Reason Why You Must Know

Have you ever heard of foil printing on t-shirt? If not, you can find out the answer through the discussion that we have summarized in full below regarding foil printing which is applied to clothing.

Screen printing is one of the techniques used to give motifs or images to clothes. Today there are many techniques used to screen print clothes.

Each of these techniques has differences ranging from the manufacturing process, the ink used, the materials used, to the quality of the product. Each technique also certainly has its own advantages and disadvantages.

One of the techniques used to print designs on clothing is foil printing. Foil printing uses special materials that make the final design look unique, shiny, and certainly gives an elegant impression to anyone who wears it.

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Foil printing is usually used to make invitations, be it weddings or other events. Besides that foil printing is also used on book covers which makes it look unique and of course elegant.

However, did you know about foil printing on t-shirt? This is one of the new innovations that is unique and different from other screen printing techniques. Here we present a discussion of what foil printing is and its advantages when compared to other screen printing techniques.

Foil Printing on T-Shirt

What Is Foil Printing on T-Shirt?

Screen printing on clothes generally uses plastisol ink or water-based ink and is a favorite of most people. However, that screen printing technique – that alone can certainly make us feel bored.

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Therefore, in this discussion of foil printing on t-shirt, we will provide new innovations in the world of printing that are unique and certainly interesting. The product resulting from this process is also different from other printing techniques.

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