4 Type of Fabric for Dress that Makes You Looks Pretty

You can also use cotton cloth as the basic material for making clothes. Cotton fabric itself, comes from natural fibers in the form of cotton plants. Cotton fabric has the advantage of being soft, easy to absorb sweat, and also cool when used.

  1. Silk fabric

Type of Fabric for Dress

You can get silk fabric from the cocoons of silkworms which have their own specialties. On the surface of the silk fabric there is a very soft texture with a shimmer of beauty. This makes tailors often use silk as a material for making dresses and similar clothes.

  1. Linen fabric

Type of Fabric for Dress

Linen fabric is a type of fabric made from natural herbal plant fibers that have a fiber texture that is smooth to the touch, and also has a little sparkle. This type of fabric for dress has quite special characteristics. Linen also has resistance to mildew, and bacteria that commonly attack other types of fabric.

  1. Crepe fabric

Type of Fabric for Dress

This type of crepe fabric is one type of fabric that can be used as a material for making wedding dresses. The hallmark of this crepe fabric is that it has a unique texture by giving the feel of small wrinkles or sand on the surface of the fabric.

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Actually, there are other materials that you can choose to make dresses, such as satin, denim, organza, and many others. You can choose one type of fabric for dress as needed.


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