5 Type of Fabric for Couches You Usually Use in Home

The surface of this couches material has a sparkle, is soft, and the pile of fur is very smooth and dense. This velvet couches material was originally made of silk that came from China, then spread to the Middle East and Europe.

  1. Legacy material

Type of Fabric for Couches

Then there is also another fabric that has the name legacy fabric which is very soft, flexible, comfortable, and has a furry texture like suede. Legacy material is very suitable as a couches wrapping cloth, because when the surface is rubbed the color can turn dark and light.

  1. Polyester material

Type of Fabric for Couches 7

Polyester is one of the popular materials for making sportswear because it absorbs water quickly and the material is anti-wrinkle. In the market, this type of fabric is quite durable and has a variety of attractive colors.

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Interestingly, you can combine this type of fabric for couches with other materials such as wool and rayon. Polyester is one of the materials that is liked by many people and is their favorite.

  1. Linen fabric

Type of Fabric for Couches 7

Linen couches material is made of natural fibers which are quite strong. Therefore, this material is not easily torn, does not fade quickly, and scar absorbs ink compared to other materials. However, linen fabric has the disadvantage of being slightly wrinkled.

  1. Oscar material

Type of Fabric for Couches

This type of couches wrapping cloth is called Oscar or its characteristics are almost similar to leather. The advantage of Oscar cloth is that it is easy to clean if it is exposed to water spills or other dirt. You can simply use a damp cloth to clean it.

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