Sublimation vs Screen Printing, Understanding The Differences

While screen printing uses durable plastisol ink. However, if it goes through many washes, the raised-ink design will start to peel off the fabric or fade away.

3. Multi-Colored Prints

Compared to screen printing, sublimation works much better for multi-colored prints. This is because, in screen printing, you have to separate the colors and apply them one layer at a time.

Even on a professional screen printer, it still takes time and effort to set up. On the other hand, sublimation printers can easily mix primary colors to create complex multi-color images.

Sublimation vs Screen Printing, What is The Difference 4

4. Cost Efficiency

You’ll find sublimation more cost-effective if you’re looking to make custom t-shirts. Meanwhile, if you want to make orders on a large scale with one design, screen printing is much more cost-effective.

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This is because you need a lot of time and effort in the screen printing process just to make one or two shirts. However, if you reuse your screen over and over again in the same sequence, you will find the effort and time worth it.

Whereas sublimation printing will require the same amount of work each time you make a shirt. So, you don’t always need a lot of work because you can make one or many shirts cost-effectively.

That is the interesting reason for the difference between sublimation vs screen printing. The difference is quite noticeable from one technique to another. By understanding these differences, you can decide what technique is best to accommodate your needs.

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