Screen Printing vs Heat Transfer, Which Method Works Better?

Moreover, it is much faster to produce many t-shirts at once than to mass-produce using heat transfer. So, using the heat transfer method is much faster if you want to make just a few t-shirts.

Meanwhile, if you want to mass produce a lot of t-shirts, it’s faster to use the screen printing method. It’ll be easier and more effective than other methods.

4. Quality

Another difference between screen printing vs heat transfer is the quality. Based on the quality, screen printing is superior because it is easier to layer colors on screen printing. Then, instead of heat transfer, screen printing produces more vibrant colors.

Then, the heat transfer results will only look better on light-colored shirts. Meanwhile, you will get successful screen printing on dark and light shirts. Then, screen printing also allows you to produce more complex designs and see layered colors.

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5. Difficulty

If you are looking for a more straightforward method of printing clothes, then choose heat transfer. This is because the heat transfer design requires only minimal settings.

While screen printing requires a lot of complicated equipment, a lot of materials, and takes a lot of time to prepare.

That’s an interesting review about screen printing vs heat transfer that you should know. Both printing methods have their respective advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, to find out which one is better, adjust the choice of printing method to your goals in printing clothes.


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