Screen Printing vs Digital Printing, Which Is The Best to Use?

This is because digital printing is very flexible. After all, you can use it on all types of surfaces. Moreover, most printing companies use this method because of its accuracy and speed with minimal settings.

Screen Printing VS Digital Printing, Which Is Better?

After knowing the definition between screen printing and digital printing, now you know which one is the best of the two. The two printing methods have many differences, ranging from vibrancy, color blending, and cost efficiency, to durability. If you want to know which is better, here is the review:

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1. Vibrancy

The combination of color saturation and brightness is the definition of vibrancy. If you compare it to screen printing, digital printing has a slightly duller appearance. So, when you want your design to pop off when you print it on a shirt, the method that stands out is screen printing.

This is because screen printing uses plastisol ink which comes in the brightest colors and can create a light white base color on even dark clothes. While digital printing uses water-based ink that does not have vibrancy and opaqueness, so the final result is not as bright as screen printing.

2. Color Blending

When it comes to color blending capabilities, digital printing is the best method. Digital printing produces detailed, beautiful, and smooth gradations. This is because digital printing also uses water-based inks and is more transparent than plastisol.

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While in screen printing, accuracy in color blending is more difficult to achieve. This is because screen printing uses plastisol ink to combine halftone colors.

3. Cost Efficiency

Talking about screen printing vs digital printing will be more complete if cost efficiency is also discussed. Digital printing can print small orders, even if only one design. While screen printing takes a lot of time to prepare the screen and stencil for each color layer.

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