Regular Fit vs Classic Fit | What is The Difference? Which is Better?

Regular fit size emphasizes more comfort than the style look of the clothes. The loose cut of the regular fit emphasizes more into the comfortable feeling of the users. On the other hand, the classic fit is emphasized more on the beautiful look which matches the sleeve and waits to get the beautiful look of the body type.

3. Different Temperature

The reason why a regular fit vs classic fit has a different comfort level is located on the temperature. Sometimes, the loose clothes will have low temperature than the tight ones. However, every people has their style and taste in choosing the clothes they want to wear.

Some like the loose T-shirt as a casual look, then they choose regular fit size as their favorite size. On the other hand, others may like the classic fit size which has a tighter size to show their body shape. Hence, even if the loose T-shirt is cooler than the tight, some people may not care about the temperature and choose their best size.

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Regular Fit vs Classic Fit

Regular Fit And Classic Fit Look To Body Type

As the previous explanation, regular fit vs classic fit has different precise cuts which give different looks also. There are many types of beautiful bodies with different beautiful shapes. In this part, regular fit or casual fit will increase someone’s look based on their beautiful body type.

Man and woman, both have unique and special body type which needs the best size to get a better look in clothing. Here is the information thought regular fit vs classic fit for body type.

1. Athlete Body Shape

Athlete body shape may suitable to wear a T-shirt or Clothes with a classic fit. However, the right size of classic fit can show the beautiful side of the body. If this person wears regular fit, they cannot show his body shape directly.

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2. Heavy Shape

The heavy shape has different look from the athlete’s shape. In this case, the regular fit size will look better to use by a heavy shape person. The clothes will cover the body and don’t show the heavy shape itself.

3. Skinny Shape

For the skinny shape, it is suitable for using a slim fit or classic shape. However, the skinny shape is also good to wear the regular fit to have oversize look.

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