Polyester vs Nylon, Here Are 7 Differences

Unfortunately, nylon fabric fibers tend to form tiny balls on the fabric surface over time. The solution is that you can wash it by hand to reduce the amount of friction that creates pilling.

5. Common Uses

Polyester is such a versatile fabric that many types of clothing use this fabric. Meanwhile, in the garment industry, nylon has a more limited appeal.

Although nylon has many industrial uses, its use is limited to underwear, some outerwear, and certain types of blouses and dresses. On the other hand, 60% of all clothing produced worldwide 60% is made of polyester.

6. Cost

Between polyester and nylon, nylon costs more because the production process is more expensive. So, if you buy a rug made of nylon fiber, the price per square foot will be much higher than a rug made of polyester fiber.

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So, why polyester is so popular in the garment industry is that its production costs are low. The cost of making polyester is much cheaper when you compare it to nylon.

7. UV Resistance

Nylon is less UV resistant, while polyester is highly UV resistant. Therefore, polyester is great at holding its color, even in direct sunlight.

Although nylon is very weather resistant in most other areas. However, if you make something from nylon, that will stay out for a long time, like a flag, then that flag will fade much faster.

That’s an interesting review about some of the differences between polyester vs nylon that you need to know. So, the two materials have their advantages over each other.

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