Polyester vs Nylon, Here Are 7 Differences

You may notice that most outdoor or athletic wear uses polyester or nylon fabrics. So, is there a difference between polyester vs nylon, and which fabric is the best over the other?

Before you conclude about which is the best fabric, you need to know the difference between the two fabrics. The following are 7 differences that you can refer to:

1. Breathable

Polyester does not have good moisture absorption ability. However, recently many manufacturers have blended polyester with other fabrics, such as cotton so that its breathability increases.

Meanwhile, nylon has no breathability at all and tends to trap heat. So, when you wear nylon in hot or humid weather, your skin will feel clingy.

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2. Durable

These two fabrics have good durability. However, nylon has a higher tensile strength ratio when you compare it to polyester.

Therefore, it is not surprising that nylon has many industrial uses outside of the garment industry itself. However, polyester is also durable, such as water resistance, UV resistance, heat resistance, and even old resistance.

3. Comfortable

If you compare polyester vs nylon, originally nylon is the most comfortable. This is because nylon has a silky and lightweight texture, making it much softer than polyester.

Therefore, it is not surprising that many manufacturers use nylon for dresses, underwear, or blouses. Meanwhile, polyester has a rough and thick double knit.

However, modern manufacturing techniques can form finer threads. So, polyester can also make household items with excellent qualities, such as soft bed sheets.

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4. Easy Care

These two materials do not require intense treatment because they both are easy to care for. Then, you can wash them by machine.

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