4 Best Fabric for Tablecloth, Choose Based on Your Need

Vinyl has a plus value where it is heat and water resistant. That is why; it is more recommended for an outdoor use like picnic, garden party, and so on.

This material is also known as synthetic leather which is strong and not easy to scratch. You can say that this fabric is quite durable and will save your money more.

  1. Silk

Best Fabric for Tablecloth

Silk is the best fabric for tablecloth, especially if you want to get the luxurious impression. This item is more recommended for formal occasions such as wedding.

Usually, silk will be decorated with lace for it’s sides part to give a bold elegant look. However, make sure to wash it carefully because silk has a smooth texture. To clean it, just soak the silk in a cold water mixed with detergent.

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Then wash it gently by hand. Another thing to note is never use any detergents with strong chemical inside. You are not recommended to dry it with the machine too.

Choose Based on Your Need

Choosing the best fabric for tablecloth will give the cheerful, warm, and attractive impression. Your table can be looked more beautiful and erase the boring feeling in an eating moment.

To get the best one, always know your needs first whether it is for formal/informal use, outdoor, indoor, and many more again. Besides that, knowing the fabric characteristic is also good.

That will make you buy the right item which can be used for a long time. Basically, the best fabric for tablecloth above offer the different characteristic too.

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