Best Fabric for Painting that Artist Must Know about

In fact, painting can bring many benefits to the perpetrators. Among them is that it can increase creativity because painting definitely forces our brains to work by coming up with creative and interesting ideas.

Another benefit of painting using the best fabric for painting is to reduce stress levels. By painting you pour out all your restlessness and anxiety in a color combination that can help reduce your stress level.

By painting, you can also create your own world that you can manage and create yourself. In addition, painting can also help you increase your confidence, and can also be a source of income if your painting is bought by someone.

Best Fabric for Painting

There are several types of fabrics that are commonly used as painting media. Curious about anything? Here we provide a complete discussion of this for those of you who want to start painting.

  1. Cotton

Best Fabric for Painting

The first fabric in the discussion of best fabric for painting is cotton. Cotton can be used as a painting medium because it has soft and flexible characteristics. That way, cotton will be easier to paint and suitable as a painting medium for beginner painters.

  1. Calico

Best Fabric for Painting

The next fabric material is calico canvas which is a semi-finished product of canvas fabric that has a distinctive color, namely bone white, or tends to be slightly brown because it has not received a finishing process such as color dyeing.

  1. Marsoto canvas

Best Fabric for Painting

Then there is also another fabric, namely Marsoto canvas which has a very distinctive texture in the form of spots on the surface of the fabric. Marsoto canvas is also quite strong and durable. Not only that, Marsoto canvas also tends to be soft, cool, and not too stiff.

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