8 Best Fabric for Hot Weather, Absorb Sweat and Lightweight

Silk has a cooling sensation when you wear it. Not only soft, but silk is also safer for use by people with eczema and asthma. This material is good for avoiding allergic reactions and can help improve sleep quality as well.

  1. Jersey

Best Fabric for Hot Weather

This fabric has a smooth, shiny texture, and falls on the body. The material tends to be thin and somewhat transparent. But the fabric itself does feel cool on the skin and easily absorbs sweat.

  1. Viscose

Best Fabric for Hot Weather

Viscose is one of the best fabric for hot weather, although not as expensive as silk, which is similar in texture, viscose is also of high quality. Feels cool, easily absorbs sweat, and looks luxurious too.

  1. Merino Wool

Best Fabric for Hot Weather

Merino wool fabric is made from real Merino sheep hair which has the softest fibers. This fabric feels comfortable in both hot and cold weather. The surface feels soft on the skin, lightweight, and able to protect the skin from exposure to ultraviolet rays.

  1. Cashmere

Best Fabric for Hot Weather

Cashmere is a type of fabric that is widely used by high-end brand designers because of its luxury. The surface is very smooth like high-quality silk. With such good quality, this fabric is the most expensive among other fabrics.

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Those are the fabrics that can absorb sweat in hot weather. You can choose the type of fabric that matches the activity you’re doing. Overall, Cotton is the best fabric for hot weather because it absorbs sweat and less money.


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