6 Best Fabric for Embroidery to Create Stand Out Designs

This type of fabric has a medium weight and is very rigid, so it won’t move too much as you work on it. Also, its rigidity can make smaller stitches hard to embroider, so it’s better to stick to basic designs.

6. Polyester

Best Fabric for Embroidery

Polyester is a synthetic fabric that uses for embroidery. People can embroider this fabric easily with some adjustments to the tools use.

Synthetic materials like polyester or rayon thread work best. Rayon thread will add a different look to the designs when embroidering polyester.

On the other hand, synthetic materials can be tightly woven to get the needle through without damaging the fabric. You can choose a looser weave polyester fabric or use a ballpoint need to push through the material easily.

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Choosing cotton and polyester blend fabrics is recommended to create a great embroidery design and durability. Consider choosing light stitches to prevent the fabric from tearing or puckering.

That’s all about the best fabric for embroidery you should know. Consider choosing medium-weight, evenly woven, and less stretching fabrics. You can try something simple for embroidery to become familiar with the fabrics and the techniques.


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