Here is the Best Fabric for Dyeing that You Need to Know

All-natural silk includes a good luster that appears even more once you add bold tie-dye colors. Silk dyes really well since it contains animal-based proteins instead of cellulose cells like cotton.

You can dye silk with many alternative fabric dyes, including fiber reactive dyes, acid dyes, and general-purpose dyes. However, general-purpose dyes usually don’t last long once washed. Using silk, tye dyeing costs a lot, because it has to do with real silk not synthetic.

  1. Linen

Best Fabric for Dyeing

Just like cotton, linen can dye beautifully because it contains plant-based fibers. Unfortunately, there are some downsides of using linen for tie dye. Linen can wrinkle easily. This might mess up the tie-dye design, linen also costs more than cotton.

  1. Polyester

Best Fabric for Dyeing

Polyester can be used as a fabric for dyeing, but it has some difficulties and is not the best fabric for dyeing. Polyester is a synthetic fabric made from a type of plastic. You can dye polyester using disperse dyes.

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Disperse dyes is made specifically for plastic-based synthetic cloth and used through hot water. The good side is that polyester costs a lot cheaper than other fabrics. But the dyeing bath needs to be intense to get a great result.

  1. Acrylic

Best Fabric for Dyeing

Acrylic is the most difficult which is not the best fabric for dyeing because it has a high sensitivity to heat which is the main process of dyeing. Just like polyester, acrylic is also a type of synthetic.

Those were 6 fabric materials that can be used for tie dye. You can use this reference according to your needs with the most suitable material for you. As we can see that the best fabric for dyeing is cotton.

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